Rules of Shooting

Rules of Shooting at Belvoir Archers

When shooting at Belvoir Archers field at Barnstone, you must adhere to all GNAS rules of shooting.

There must be 2 adults present on the field at all times when shooting, one should be watching the field and overshoot areas for safety reasons whilst the other is shooting.

No Lone Shooting will be allowed. 

Access to the field when we are shooting (i.e. the warning signs are displayed on the 2 gates or the fence), you must use the gate farthest away from Lafarge Cement Works and you must wait for all shooting has finished and archers are going to collect arrows.

The archery field is 190 yards long by 90 yards wide and was inspected and passed to GNAS regulations by Mario Stankovic, GNAS Nottinghamshire County Judge on 30th January 2011.

Overshoot distances are 50 yards past the longest target for longbow and recurve bows, 150 yards from the shooting line for compounds. Therefore, if you do move forward from the base shooting line instead of moving your targets forward, you must not shoot in front of the 20m line.

When setting up the field, you must shoot away from the MUGA towards Langar Airfield. The left hand edge of the left most boss must be a MINIMUM of 25 Yards from the roadside hedge as per GNAS rules of shooting.  Look at the fence at the Langar Airfield end of the field, you will see one of the fence posts marked with yellow paint, your Boss should be to the right of this post.

Compound archers should shoot on the thick 12.5cm straw bosses when ever possible, this will help to preserve the standard staw bosses.

All arrows must be accounted for. If you should loose an arrow, you must make all attempts to find the arrow, which include use of the rake and metal detector. If you cannot find the arrow, you must inform a member of the committee immediately and a note of the missing arrow – including where on the field it was lost, arrow type and fletchings. This should be placed in the Portakabin so that all shooting members are aware. If an archer finds the lost arrow, a note should be made on the notice board and the arrow taken home with the finding archer until the owner can be contacted.

No arrows or bows should be left in the Portakabin or lockup containers.