Club Info

When Do We Shoot


March – October

We have 3 formal club shooting sessions per week,
Tuesday evening 6pm until Dusk
Thursday evening 6pm until Dusk
Saturdays 2pm until 6pm.

During the Winter, we have 1 club outdoor session
Saturday 11 to 2pm – but ask first to get a key holder to open up

We may be able to shoot outside of these times subject to field  and key holder availability.

Indoor Shooting – November to March

SkyDive Langar hangar (yes, a Hangar at Langar !!)  – Tuesday & Thursday 7pm – 9pm  £2 per person – max 10 yards


If you are not a club member and want to come and meet us, have a shoot or discuss becoming a member, please contact us first to ensure that there will be someone at the club ground prior to you coming along.

All non club members must have show a valid ArcheryGB card prior to shooting and they must be entered into the guest book, which is held in the storage container. Guest fees must be collected and handed to the treasurer at the earliest opportunity

Guest Fees

£4 Adult
£3 Junior – Must be accompanied by an adult.

Club Fees 2021 – 2022


£120 per annum for 1st April to 31st March (see note 1)
Our fees have not gone up since we set the club up in 2011


£50 per annum for 1st April to 31st March

Club fees include
•All outdoor shooting sessions at Belvoir Archers field at Barnstone
• ArcheryGB , EMAS and Nottinghamshire Archery Society fees 1st October to 31st September

You will also need to Hire a set of keys from the Club which are to be returned if you leave the club at a cost of £10 per set

If you wish to become a member, you are to contact the Membership Secretary  to request an application form. Once completed, the form will be passed to the committee for processing.

note 1 – if you are not a current ArchryGB member joining then pro-rata GNAS, EMAS and Nottinghamshire Archery Society fees will need to be paid on top of the club fees, to ensure that you are insured to shoot under GNAS requirements.


The club currently has 3 x Level 2 coaches, 1 x Level 1 coach

We provide various coaching sessions throughout the year.  Contact the Coaching Staff for more details


Belvoir Archers now allow crossbows to be shot providing that they adhere to ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting paragraph 210
You must also have a current ArcheryGB membership.