Founder Members

To celebrate the starting of Belvoir Archers on 12th March 2011, the 7 Founder Members presented the club with a Shield to be shot for each year at the Founder Members Shoot on the anniversary of the first arrow shot.

This is a free closed club shoot for any club member who has a valid outdoor handicap.

The round is a National Round, 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards followed by 2 dozen arrows at 50 yards. The winner will be the archer who has the highest handicap adjusted score.  For those that can’t get to 60 yards, shorter national rounds are also available, although archers are encouraged to go to the longer distances if they can.

Due to the club growing, a new Junior Founder Members Shield was added in 2013.

Founder Members Shield

The shield has a plaque on the back with all the founder members namesFounder Members

Steve Gamble, Martin Jones, Vicky Jones, Sue Haynes, Bryan Haynes, Mark Charlish, and Dave Seymour

First Shoot

The first shoot was attended by the 7 Founder Members, John and Jane Styles, and Mike Spare – The County Chairman and his wife  Ann


The Inaugrial Winner of the trophy was Sue Haynes. 2011 03 FMS Sue Receiving her award from Alex with MikeSue being presented her award by Alex Cessford, Langar cum Barnstone Parish Council Vice Chairman and Mike Spare, Nottinghamshire Archery Society Chiarman




YearArcherBow StyleRound ShotHandicapScoreAllowanceAdjusted Score
2023Clare BrownLongbowNational (shoot abandoned due to Lightning after 2 dozen)3812841322
2022Daniel ReddishRecurveNational 40615189881506
2021Clare BrownLongbowNational
2020Not Shot due to Covid
2019Martin BraddockRecurveShort Junior National7451410381552
2018Steve MasonRecurveJunior National
2017Sheila WorthLongbow
2016David WorthRecurveNational5141710171424
2015Vicky JonesRecurveShort Junior National7246510121477
2014Steve EvansRecurveNational6338512031588
2013Richard Dixon~TeasdaleRecurveNational5445810591517
2012Mark CharlishCompoundNational415529141466
2011Sue HaynesRecurveNational474939701463


YearArcherBow StyleRound ShotHandicapScoreAllowanceAdjusted Score
2022No Junior Shooting
2021No Junior Shooting
2020Not Shot due to Covid
2019George DilleyCompoundJunior National0430430
2018George DilleyRecurveShort Junior National
2017Paige JonesCompound
2016Paige JonesCompoundShort Junior National496248351459
2015Beth ProbertRecurve20/1072462462
2014Max WoodBarebowShort Junior National9518113321513
2013Peter EmeryLongbowNational7025413071561