16th July – Welbeck FITA

On Sunday 15 July Welbeck Archers hosted a record status FITA.  A FITA is a 12 dozen round with the arrows evenly distributed across 4 distances.  In the morning the ladies shoot 70 and 60 metres, while the gents tackle 90 and 70.  After lunch the target face changes to the 80 cm version and everyone shoots 50 and 30 metres.

As is traditional the longbow archers came up with a list of difficulties on the day:
“There’s no bacon butties” (Bryan)
“I can’t shoot in this headwind, my eyes are watering at full draw” (Steve)
“Wrong sort of grapes” (Dave)
All agreed that the ground was uphill enough to be a challenge for archers coming from a flat practice field especially with a swirling and head windand that the weather was too warm for long sleeves when the sun came out and too cold for short sleeves when it went in, very distracting.

Still, at least it stayed dry…

When the results were in Sue Haynes’ personal best of 1054 had earned her third place in the ladies recurve.  Sue was topping the leader board at the half way point after completion of 70/60m but was pipped at the end of 50/30m.  Steve Gamble took first place in the gents longbow with 599 with Dave Seymour’s 523 taking third place.

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