17th June – EMAS outdoor champs

On Sunday 17 June 5 members of Belvoir Archers competed in the East Midlands Archery Society Championships, a York/Hereford competition hosted by Rolls Royce Bowmen of Sherwood at Hucknall. The wind was tricky for the longest distance in the morning, but the rain stayed away apart from a few drops now and again.

The Hereford round for the ladies is 6 dozen at 80 yards, 4 dozen at 60 and 2 dozen at 50. Vicky Jones’ score of 585 with her recurve was below her best but still good enough to win her group in the handicap section of the shoot.

The gents round is 6 dozen at 100 yards, 4 dozen at 80 and 2 dozen at 60. Steve Gamble put in a personal best 463 with his longbow to come second and record his second Grand Master Bowman score, just one more to go! Dave Seymour came fourth, but there was a close battle between Bryan Haynes and Martin Jones to gain bragging rights in middle of the pack, with Martin leading until the last dozen arrows, when Bryan overtook him.

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