17th October – Belvoir Archers 1st Winter Windsor

Sunday saw our second tournament of the year, the Winter Windsor. 50 Archers turned out to shoot the round with archers coming from as far a field as Chester and Friskney. There was a good mix of Longbows, Barebows, Compunds and Recurves, with 5 juniors taking place, 3 novices from Bingham in their second shoot and Tony Emery from Wilford Bowmen on his first tournament – and second day shooting at 60 yards (well done Peter for getting your dad here).

The weather was kind to us once again, Sunny with overcast moments, a mild (for our field) head/cross wind. The shoot went well, too well infact. We had Councillor Gordon Moore, The Mayor of Rushcliffe as Lord Patron. He was due to arrive aound 3pm, see the last dozen arrows and present prizes. Due to no equipment failures, people not spending too long on the line, most people hitting the boss so no time was spent looking for arrows (a perfect shoot I hear you all say), we were going to finish before the Lord Paramout arrived. We kindly asked if we cound delay the shoot 10 mins before the last dozen arrows were shot (there was some grumbling in the ranks, even from Mr Gamble who was on for a new county record), but everyone helped us out and gave us an extra 10 minutes. The Lord Patron did arrive to see the last six arrows. We woudl like to thank all archers for bearing with us on this, we know it is highly irregular, but thankyou anyway.

As most people know, currently the only archers seen at tournaments from Belvoir Archers are the longbows (Steve, Dave, Mark, Martin and Bryan), but next year we will hopefully be sporting some compounds and recurves. To keep in with a good longbow tradition, an Agincourt Volley was shot at the end of the tournament, not only for the longbows, but for everyone. Mike Spare did say it was his first volley with a compound. For most recurve and compound archers, it was their first time. Almos all archers took part.

Following the tournament, the presentation took place in Barnstone Country Club bar.

Belvoir Archers would like to thank all archers who came to support usin our first year as an Archery Club at the Summer and Winter Windsor tournaments. We hope that you all had a good time and we look forward to welcoming you back next year – no 10 minute delays next time, I promise.

Results sheet and more photographs will folllow shortly

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