22nd July – Summer Windsor 2012

Today saw our Second Annual Summer Windsor Tournament.

It was a pleasant day, sunny and no wind at 7.30 am when the work parties arrived to start setting up.  Archers started to arrive around 8.45 to have their breakfast with Julie at the Country Club and to setup their equipment.  By the time we started to shoot just after 11am (slightly delayed due to us waiting for 2 no shows), the sun was higher in the sky, but the devilish head swirling to cross wind had come in.  This played havoc with the day with the archers, with the longbow arrows suffering the inevitable cross-wind-snap as they strangely hit the boss, then snap as they are straightened (much better hitting the grass!)

51 archers eventually took to the shooting line, with archers shooting in longbow, compound, recurve and barebow categories and junior boys shooting longbow and recurve and a junior girl longbow.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

There was quite a bit of rivalry in the Nottinghamshire Gents Compound camp, as there was a county record up for grabs.  Mike Thomason, Mike Spare and Steve Burdett had been eyeing each other up for days to see how each other was doing.  Eventually, after much scrutinisation, the honours went to Mike Thomason who put in an 878, coming second in the category and setting the new county record (being beaten by John Fisher of Silver Spoon Bowmen).  There will be much sharpening & lubing of arrows, polishing of fletchings and squinting of eyes going on over the next 3 months, when they all meet again at our Winter Windsor in October.

There were new Notts County records set in the following categories (subject to ratification) , well done to all

Gents Compound   Mike Thomason – Wilford Bowmen 878

Gents Longbow      Steve Gamble – Belvoir Archers  670

Junior Gents Longbow – Peter Emery – Belvoir Archers 146

Sue Haynes was very excited thinking she had won one of Maurice’s trophies at long last.  It was only when she pulled the last score card out of the box to enter into the score sheet, which belonged to Lynn Fisher, did a table topping score arrive in the Ladies Recurve section.

A total of 11 Belvoir Archers entered the tournament, but a big well done goes to Dennis Crompton (Score 641 – 10th) and Alan Carter-Davies (score 463 – 14th) for entering their first tournament, only 6 weeks after graduating from their Beginners Courses.

A big thankyou goes out to the club members who helped make the day go well, to Julie at Barnstone Country Club, Mario Stankovic the Judge and Maurice Clarke for making the trophies once again.

2012 07 Belvoir Archers Results Sheet

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