25th June – Lincoln Double FITA

Over the weekend Sue, Bryan and Dave braved the wind, rain and sun to shoot a double FITA at Lincoln Archers.

Saturday was a very very windy but dry day.  Arrows were flying left, right and some centre.  At the end of the first day, Dave was in first place in the longbow group with Bryan lying in third.  Sue was happy with her score, despite the wind and was lying in the top third of the ladies pack.

After a strenuous day on Saturday, everyone had to get up again around 5am to set out for Lincoln for a second gruelling day’s shooting. Today, the wind was not too much of a factor, although it did have its’s moments, but as people got ready for practice at 8.30, the heavens opened up.  The day was a mixture of heavy rain, light rain, head wind, cross wind and blistering hot sunny spells, a weatherman’s dream!!

Dave finished first in the longbow team, missing his Blue English Cross award by 2 points and his Master Bowman by 17 points.  A very happy but dissapointed Dave.  Bryan ended up in second place.

In the Ladies Recurve, Sue shot well putting in a 1026 score, and came 5th overall.

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