31st October – Outdoor Season 2011 review

31st October

Sunday 30th October saw the final outdooor target shoot of the season, Belvoir Archers first outdoor Season. 4 of the 5 longbows went a hunting their dinner at the Pie n Beans Western at Sherwood Archers. A good day was had by all and a good end of season shoot, with Steve Gamble taking first place (settling the score with Paul Garner of Pastures, reversing the result of the Winter Windsor). Dave, Mark and Bryan in the also ran category, with Mark after a dissapointing 60 yards, sprinted from behind at the 50 yard line to nudge ahead of Bryan.

Belvoir Archers are still shooting outdoor during the winter on Saturdays, and any time during the week that they can get in. We have the Brass Monkey at Pilgrim Bowmen of Boston to look forward in February, and the Early Bird FITA at Meridan on 1st April, with Bryan and Sue alreay entered, Mark and Dave have sent their entry form off, but they did not opt for the recorded delivery option – so who knows if it will get there this year!!!!!!

The Winter months indoor season will be starting soon, Steve Gamble – The current UK Indoor Longbow Champion is set to defend his title on December at Lilleshall, whilst Bryan is set to take on the Finlay Newman – The Mighty Junior Longbowman of The Foxes at their Indoor Worcester shoot in December (this time hopefully beating the “pesky little man” and giving the loosers trophy back to him – seeing as Bryan won (or lost it) last year).

Vicky has started shooting again, following her operation earlier in the year. She can be seen at Sherwood Archers with her coach – Steve Attwood of Wilford Bowmen. We believe that Steve is spending most of his time at the local archery shops purchasing new arrows, as Vicky likes to robin hood his arrows at 20 yards!!!! Martin is also training back at short distances, trying to robin hood Vicky’s arrow which will be in Steve’s arrow.

Sue has also ventured back to the shooting field after injuring her back in late Summer. She has been see shooting some arrows at Sherwood Archers field and at Belvior Archers field.

Vicky, Martin, Jane and Stylo are off to the Nottinghamshire indoor training sessions throughout the winter.

Colongbow Steve is shooting some longbow, trying to figure out how to get his clout arrows from the 140yard area to the 180yard area. He will also be seen with his Compound, but you know what they are like – dont want to get the cams wet or the hands cold!!

Finally, Dave and Mark will be on the field most Saturday mornings, completing a 2 hour York – letting Mark get back to work and Dave back to the decorating to keep on the good side of Mrs S.

And finally Bryan – well who knows, speed shooting, worm scaring, bit of clout.

Lets look forward to the light nights of next outdoor season.

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