6th August – County Team Shoot

At the weekend , we had a good contingent of archers who shot for the Nottinghamshire County Team in the Tri-Counties tournament (Nottinghamshire v  Derbyshire v Warwickshire)

It was an unusual weather day, calm with sun, followed by cloud, followed by high winds Thunder and Lightening.  The round was delayed for around 10 minutes in the final stages whilst a thunder storm blew over head – a lot of people on a field holding carbon lightening conductor rods is not a good sight !!

Dave Seymour and Steve Gamble both shot well, Dave gaining his first Master Bowman score of the season at 605, Steve also doing a Personal Best of 631 just missing his GMB by 25 points.  Between them, with the help of Adrianne Goodwin of Bingham, they won the Longbow Team award.

Sue Haynes shot a personal best of 1073  in the Recurve Ladies.

Vicky Jones shot a personal best of 949  , which has dropped her handicap from 51 to 48 and has achieved her First Class, and can also claim her Green English Cross award (850 score at a FITA)
The overall result for Nottinghamshire was

1st Longbow team

2nd Recurve team

3rd Compound team

Well done all

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