7th May – Notts League 2012 shoot 1 at Rolls Royce Bowmen of Sherwood

Belvoir Archers were in form and on target again over the bank holiday weekend. 5 gents longbows and 1 lady recurve went a huntin in the first of a series of 3 Nottinghamshire County Archery Society League Shoots, which was held at Rolls Royce Bowmen of Sherwood in Hucknall. The weather held fast all day, with little wind and no rain – despite what the Met Office tried to tell us. The round was an American Round (2 ½ dozen arrows at each distance 60/50/40 Yards). The first of the 2 league rounds also count towards the Oregon Challenge.

The Gents Longbow team came out in force with Steve Gamble coming first with a whopping 559, Bryan Haynes second with 399. Peter Emery, a junior gent scored 266, with Martin Jones scoring 265 and Tony Emery (Peters Dad who has not long took up archery) scoring a respectable 181. With the preliminary results out, Belvoir Archers are leading the Gents Longbow in both the Scratch and Handicap scores.

On Monday, Rolls Royce Bowmen of Sherwood hosted a St. George round (3 dozen arrows at each distance of 100, 80, 60 yards). This time only two archers braved the wind and the rain to compete. Steve Gamble again shot a respectable 339 coming first, and Bryan Haynes a 154 coming third.


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