21st May – Wilford Bowmen Open York Round (Shot at Sherwood Archers)

On Sunday 20 May 5 members of Belvoir Archers travelled to Sherwood Archers ground near Southwell for the first Nottinghamshire county team selection shoot of 2012, organised by Wilford Bowmen. The weather was better than last year’s shoot, which was cancelled after 2 dozen arrows because of dangerously strong winds. The round for the gentlemen was the traditional English York round; 6 dozen arrows at 100 yards followed by 4 dozen at 80 and 2 dozen at 60, a serious test on a chilly day with a subtle cross-wind.
In the gents longbow category Dave Seymour came second with 349 and Steve Gamble came first with 423; Bryan Haynes and Martin Jones also represented the club in this category. In the afternoon Vicky Denton-Jones shot a Long National (the second half of the York, 4 dozen at 80 yards and 2 at 60), putting in a creditable 323 which is a personal best in a tournament. This was the first of four Nottinghamshire County Archery Society Team selection shoots, with Steve and Dave putting in a good claim for the top two spots of the county longbow team.

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