23rd June – EMAS Outdoor target champs – Man Overboard

The 19th of June dawned much the same as other days when our intrepid group were about to do battle on the field of archery – overcast with what would prove to be a tricky wind. Undeterred the famous 5 headed off to Leicester to shoot at the Bowmen of Birstall who, this year, were hosting the EMAS outdoor target champs.

On arrival they gathered to …just a second .. 1 2 3 … 1 2 3 4 … 4 only – We were one missing – Man overboard! Martin was unable to shoot as he had to work – something to do with ladies golf – don’t ask! It also transpired that Bryan did not think shooting the longbow in these conditions was much of a challenge so he lopped off part of his thumb the night before and had it wrapped in a large bandage – talk about a sighting aid.

So we would all shoot through a wind – Bryan would shoot through the pain and the wind and Sue who let out the occasional yelp and squeal – especially when she shot an arrow into the grass while coming down – was just shot some peculiar looks form her fellow lady archers way down the line on the Hereford targets which, fortunately for us were out of earshot.

As for the archery itself Steve just missed out on a MB score but picked up a bronze medal – well he would have if he had hung around at the end. Dave did score his second MB of the year (well done) and picked up silver (and Steve’s bronze). Bryan, aka the Grinch, did not have his best day but much to his credit kept a smile on his face all day – must have been the drugs ! As for our poor Chairman had a personal nightmare – but did win the handicap trophy.


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