13th June – The Golden Arrow and League Shoot 2, and a York at Boston

over the weekend, the club were represented at 3 shoots,. The Goldern Arrow, County League Shoot 2/Oregon Challenge shoot 2 and a York around at Boston

 The Goldern Arrow

The Goldern Arrow shoot at Sherwood was an interesting day. Another windy day, fluctuating left to right, then a head wind, then a tail wind but no rain.

Sue had a good start to the day, but went down hill with the wind. Martin did not have a good day, shooting a borrowed bow and mixed arrows, Bryan shot well, but Steve had a bad day and still managed to win the Gents Longbow Horn once again.

League Shoot 2 / Oregon Challenge leg 2

Another windy day, but this time a good old lashing of English Rain to help the day along.

Bryan and Martin shot for a place in the Oregon Team. At the end of 60 yards, Bryan was 35 points up on Martin, but Martin had a very good 40 yards, beating Bryan by 6 points (7 points over the 2 shoots) taking the 4th and final place on the Gents Longbow Oregon Team – well done Martin

Sue shot well, coming 2nd overall Lady and winning the Sharpe Goblet for the second year on the trot. Due to a computer error with Sue’s bow class being missed off the scores sheet, Sue was not awarded the Sharpe Goblet on the day. This has been sorted out and she will be awarded it at the County Championships in July.

Boston’s York Round

Steve left the confines of Nottinghamshire to travel to Boston (that is Boston, Lincolnshire not Boston, Massauchausetts) to shoot in a record status York Round. Steve won the trophy once again, putting in his second MB score of the year and had a 3 gold end at 100 years, gaining his 3 gold end badge (another nail in Dave’s coffin as Dave missed it by around 5mm last weekend)

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