7th July – Hose Fete

Saturday saw Belvoir Archers put on a have-a-go stand at Hose Fete.  The club had a 3 target stand with Dave, Bryan, coaching assisted by  Martin, Steve Burdett and Peter Emery on the third target.  Tony Emery spent most of the day sat in the sun re-fletching arrows that needed a bit of TLC, with Sue on the reception desk and Vicky helping to bring people to the stand.

The weather was kind to us all.  After an initial shakey start due to the layout of the ground, which was overcome by a chat between Steve B and the local farmer who moved the hay bales to the middle of the pitch, all went well.  Over 110 people came through the stand during the afternoon.

A big thankyou from Dave and Bryan to all those who helped out, and a thankyou to the organisers at Hose for an excellent day

p.s.  Martin was spotted a number of times shooting a recurve bare-bow (how the mighty has fallen as he said he would never shoot one).  Not only that, but he was also seen shooting left handed – and did better than he does right handed…….. what ever next Sue on a longbow (over her dead body….!)

Photos to follow

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