Indoor Handicap Knockout Competition

During the winter season 2013-2014 we are going to introduce an Indoor Winter Knockout Competition, open to all club members.

The round will be a Bray 1 which is 2 ½ dozen arrows, shot in ends of 3, at a 40cm target face at 20 yards, 10 zone scoring – max score 300.

The competition will be shot on a handicap basis.  If you don’t already have an indoor handicap, you can shoot any 2 rounds shot indoors during November to get a starting handicap.

All names will be put into a hat, and drawn out to see who shoots against whom.  You will have a deadline on when your round has to be shot by..  You can choose which night you want to shoot your round before the end of the deadline, tell myself (or nominated alternate at the time) that you want to shoot your round that night, and they will give you a score card.  Once you have shot the round, you should give it back to me (or nominated alternate at the time) before leaving the range.

Scores card are to be completed by another archer and signed as per normal competition rules, you must not fill in your own arrow scores.

If there is a tie on handicap adjusted score, then the winner will be decided on the amount of hits in the 10 zone.  If it is still tied after that, the person with the higher handicap (ie closest to 100) wins.

Any arrow value that need to be changed on the score sheet, bouncers or line cutters that need sorting out, then a member of the committee or the range captain of the night will adjudicate.

You don’t have to shoot against your opponent on the evening as your round will be stored until the deadline, but it would be nice if you could.

If you win the round on handicap, you go through, if you don’t, you are out.

If you don’t complete you round in the specified time period, you are out.


YearWINNERHitsGoldScoreAdjusted Score BowRUNNER UPHitsGoldScoreAdjusted ScoreBow
2020/2021Cancelled Due to
2019/2020David Worth3052391441RecurveJohn Johnson3062551433Recurve
2018/2019David Worth2251451RecurveSteve Sanderson2741432Compound
2017/2018Steve Mason2871871444RecurveClare Brown2021031432Longbow
2016/2017Sheila Worth2211141448LongbowPaige Jones29212571447Compound
2015/2016Paige Jones27162271438CompoundRos Creasey3092231405Recurve
2014/2015Bryan Haynes30272721436CompoundAlex Bridges30142391425Recurve
2013/2014Alex Bridges3062521449RecurveDavid Worth2821661449Recurve