7th June – The 2011 Nottinghamshire County Team Gents Longbow Selection – A story in 4 Chapters.

Chapter 3 – Much Ado About Nothing
Sunday 5 June and the not so famous 5 set up camp at the home of Sherwood Archers in Southwell (you say south-well, I say suth-ell … the debate goes on). Anyway back to the archery – Steve did us proud by turning out in Belvoir Blue for the first time – then he did us not so proud by telling the judge he was shooting for a different club! – Are you with us Steve are you really with us?
Anyway this was a FITA round not meant for bent sticks or so the legend would have us believe. By legend I mean the entry of 30 May. There then followed a slightly uneventful day with finishing position going much as expected although it was touch and go for 3rd place which made life interesting. The highlight of the day had to be Steve gaining his first qualifying MB score of the season – congratulations.

This means Steve and Dave have qualified for the county team – well done and the places for the Tri Counties (Dave unavailable) and Thorsby will be decided at County Championships to be shot at Rolls Royce.

Meanwhile Sue was spotted shooting in the ladies Hereford and


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