Belvoir Archers Indoor Season

The summer season is all but over, the nights are drawing in and the wind is getting chilly.  The field will still be available during the winter for outdoor shooting if you so wish.  I would not advise shooting if it is below freezing as it may damage the structure of your bows – especially the longbow archers amongst us.

This year, we have a new indoor intineary.

Club Indoor Night

The club indoor shooting night starts this Sunday evening 7pm to 9pm at Cotgrave Leisure Centre.  During the winter indoor season, we will be holding the Winter Indoor Knockout, free to all club members.  You have until Friday 24th November to register your interest in shooting the competition.  The finals of which will be held on Sunday 30th March 2014.

We also have a number of coaching opportunities to help you along throught out the winter months

Juniors – we are going to be starting a Junior club on Saturday morning starting on 4th November from 10am to noon indoors at Barnstone Country Club.  Information has already gone out to parents inviting the juniors to come along and shoot.

During the summer outdoor season, we plan to be running a junior night, most likely Friday nights.  We would like to hook up with a couple of other clubs, and look to take our juniors to their clubs, and bring theirs to our club, to hopefully help develop the juniors throughout the county.   More detials will follow in the new year


Belvoir Archers Level 2 coaches are going to be holding coaching sessions at The Barnstone Country Club on alternate Thursday evenings 6.30- 8.30pm..  We envisage being able to take 4 archers per session.  We will look to providing you with a coaching plan to take you forward.  I have split the winter into 3 groups, each with 3 session, this way, we can coach 12 archers – we can then follow on througout the summer for more sessions

We plan to be looking at your bow setup, your stance and technique.   The coaches will be giving up their time to work with you, what we ask in return is for you to stick to the plans that we set out for you.  If we look at bow tuning, please don’t go fiddling with your bow in the mean time or asking others how theirs is set up.  We may work out a  list of things that we would like to work on for you – don’t take this personally or get upset thinking that you are doing everything wrong.  We will  be working on a jigsaw of items, all working together to improve your archery.  Some things will click straight away, some may take time to set in.   We will be using a video tools and will be looking at and evaluating your shot.

A good example of coaching and working to a plan is Sue and her Coach – Tony Drable.  Sue is working with her coach, she has changed her bow, had her stance, draw, hand positions, head positions all changed this year – her technique is almost there.  During this time, her scores have dropped dramatically, she has been asked not to shoot tournaments (although she has had pressure to do some), at time has been asked to shoot 2000 arrows at a blank boss at 5-10 yards (to get the shot working – not looking at scores or where they go, just working on the shot and feel of the bow), he still does not want Sue to be shooting distance – just get the shot right.  Sue’s long goal aim was to get the results that she wanted over a year long period – this does not mean that you will go through the same process, but a process that you want to get what you want out of archery.

Ros is currently working with Arthur – he has done a lot of work, made quite a few changes, still more to go and Ros is buying into the system and it is working.

If you want our help, please contact us on and we can work get the ball rolling.  Names will be on a first come first served basis so if you want a specific set of session, let us know, if you want a specific coach, let us know – we wont be offended.  If one coach is overbooked, we will let you know.  If you don’t mind which one of us, just say so.

The planned dates are

Group                   Session 1             Session 2             Session 3

Group 1                Nov  21                 Jan 8                      Feb 20

Group 2                Dec 5                     Jan 23                    Mar 6

Group 3                Dec 19th (Wed)    Feb 6                     Mar 20

These dates/ coaches availability  are subject to change due to winter weather and coaches availabilit, but we will keep you informed

We will have the ability to shoot a maximum of 10 yards – but this is more than adequate for us do work on the shot routine.

Next year, we plan to be putting on coaching sessions during the summer outdoor season to help bring you guys on.  More details will follow.

There is also the chance for you to get coaching on the Nottinghamshire Archery Society Indoor training at Rainworth

click here for more details

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