Coaching Feeback from Richard Davies

I’ve just completed the 6 week training course with Belvoir Archers with my 13 year old son, and can’t thank the club enough. I did a course about 6 years ago with another club and dropped out. After 3 to 4 weeks I felt like I was not getting any better, and became frustrated with the quality of the coaching, so left.

With Belvoir Archers I found the course enjoyable from the start. The coaches are all really friendly, and demonstrate a thorough knowledge. The course was structured superbly so each week there was a new challenge, and fun games thrown in to develop a group friendship and competition. We were invited to attend a tournament to see the club members compete and everyone was so friendly.

As a result, I am already planning on applying to join the club.

Many thanks to Belvoir Archers and to the Council and ArcheryGB for the funding and for making this smile.

Richard Davies


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