Coaching Feeback from Trevor Simpson

Many thanks to everyone for the excellent course. The coaching was the
best I have had for any sport (sailing, skiing, riding, rowing etc.)
and the organisation was very good. The handouts are good too. Even
the weather was good. Totally inspiring.

I’ve met one or two people around the villages who might be tempted to
come to a taster or a course. I might speak to some at the Vale Market
Cafe in Barnstone on Saturday morning 8th Sep.

I now realise how interesting archery is so I will join and I will
need to buy equipment. The offer to help at CBA Eakring is very kind
and I could make almost any weekday. If anyone is making a trip and I
could join in that would be great. Alternatively perhaps I could go on
my own with prior guidance sent on by the club.

Best Wishes, Trevor Simpson

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