Belvoir Archers WRS WA70m WA60M & WA50m including 50+ AND non record status Crossbow 50m

July 13, 2024 @ 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Belvoir Archers Ground
Works Lane
Barnstone, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 9JJ
Bryan Haynes
07887 633 121

provisional target list as at 17-30 on 9th July 2024. plenty of spaces left at all distances






World Record Status   Double WA70m, WA60M &  WA50m

Non Record Status 50m Crossbow Round


Saturday 13th July 2024

Belvoir Archers, Works Lane, Barnstone, Notts NG13 9JT

( what3words location             ///giants.marmalade.selection )

Chairman of Judges      Janet Short

Judges                         Mike Thomason,  Bernie Dicks

Lady Paramount            TBA

Assembly 8.30             Practice 8.45 – 9.30        start 9.30

Arrows will be shot 6 arrows in 4 minutes

Entry Fee                      Double round £17

Closing date;               29th June 2024 or when full.  No refunds after this date.

Target List:                   A preliminary target list will be available on the   Belvoir Archers and EMAS web site 3 days before the shoot starts.

Entries to;                     Bryan Haynes,

10 Harebell Gardens, Bingham, Notts, NG13 8TA

Telephone:                    07887 633 121


Medals awarded for Recurve, Compound, Barebow Longbow and Crossbow according to entry.

No Single Rounds will be shot or awarded.




50M CROSS BOW ROUND            The crossbow shoot is a NON Record status round. 


Crossbow will be shot on a 60cm face at 50m, with 2 faces to a boss.  


Bolts will be shot in ends of 6 in 4 minutes, in accordance with the WA720 Rules


Normal 10 zone scoring will apply.


All Crossbows must comply with ArcheryGB Rules of shooting

  • Rule 104. Crossbow Safety
    • (a) A crossbow may NOT be drawn or cocked except on the shooting line and in the direction of the targets, after the arbalist has ensured that the field is clear both in front of and behind the targets.
    • (b) If shooting is interrupted for any reason, crossbows shall be lowered immediately so that they are directed at the ground immediately in front of the shooting line and the bolt removed.
    • (c) No person less than 12 years of age may shoot or manipulate a crossbow.
  • Rule 210. Crossbow
    • (a) A crossbow stock may be made from any safe material and must be fitted with a mechanical trigger. Prods, which may be made of any material except metal, shall not exceed 900mm in length when the crossbow is strung.
    • (b) The draw weight at the string latch shall be no more than 95lbs (43 kg). The draw weight and draw length must be clearly marked on the prod. The clean draw length, measured from the string to the string latch shall be no more than 300mm
    • (c) The bow must be fitted with a bolt retaining clip.
    • (d) A string may be made of any non-metallic material.
    • (e) Bolts may be made of any material and of such design as not to cause unreasonable damage to the target. Bolt length is minimum 12 inches, maximum 15 inches. Three fletchings, feather or plastic, shall be fitted.
    • (f) Telescopic or magnifying sights are not allowed.
    • (g) The following are permitted:
      • (i) Foot stirrups attached to the bow.
      • (ii) Stabilizers.
      • (iii) Palm rest.
      • (iv) A butt hook that does not rest directly on top of the shoulder and is no more than 150mm in length.
    • (h) The length between the back sight and the front sight shall not exceed 720mm.
    • (j) All crossbows must be drawn by hand. The use of cocking aids, gloves or fingerstalls is not permitted.
    • (k) Pistol crossbows are not permitted.
    • (l) Crossbow and the Law. When travelling on public transport or walking in a public thoroughfare it is essential that the prod be removed and the stock and prod be carried in a case or cover.

Crossbow competitors (arbalists) will shoot on their own boss, not mixed with other bow styles.  . Each arbalist will shoot on their own face to reduce the risk of Bolt Damage.

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